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Provide your business with long lasting protection against COVID-19

Zoono is a revolutionary product which can be applied to any surface to provide extended periods of protection against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and pathogens including COVID-19.Demon Cleaning are providing this product to our clients as a routine monthly service whereby we can attend your premises and apply this product via cloth, sprayer or ULV fogging machine.

Normal disinfectant last up to 2 hours, Zoono Microbe Shield lasts for extended periods, giving massive labour savings to keep area free from harmful bacteria, viruses, mould and yeasts.

  • Non-toxic, non-staining and alcohol free
  • Proven technology

How does Zoono work:

Zoono technology is a game changing solution for reducing the transmission of pathogenic microorganisms from the environment. As a next generation antimicrobial surface protection capability, it continues to kill microorganisms for extended periods depending upon the application and environment. Unlike most disinfectants, Zoono works when it is dry. It can be applied to any surface with the simplest application such as spray/wipe or more sophisticated fogging techniques. Once the product is dry aesthetic cleaning can continue as it binds to the surface producing an invisible protective antimicrobial barrier. 

A certificate of completion is issued with each treatment and you will be provided with a window sticker which can be displayed to provide additional peace of mind for people visiting your premises.

Zoono Tests and Approvals

  • 100+ Independent Laboratory Tests
  • Approved by Boeing D6-7127 Rev P - Incorporating PDD6-8 (21 June 2012)
  • Approved by British Aerospace Airbus AIMS09-00-002(Issue 3, July 2011)
  • FDA and EPA approvals
  • Proven to be extremely effective against African SwineDisease, better than 4 log, in trials at Wageningen
  • BioVeterinary Research Department of Virology, Holland
  • Food safety approvals NZFSA
  • Food safety approvals NZFSA
  • PAS 2424:2014 MSL UK
  • BS EN 13697:2015 Modified Method 7-day testJ001018-1 MSL UK
  • BS EN 13697:2015 Modified Method 30-day testJ001018-2 MSL UK
  • ASTM E3058 Modified Method for Vitro Skin J001030MSL UK
  • Proven effective against Coronavirus at MSL UK Test identification Reference: J001347 Reduced Screening test based on - BS EN 14476:2013+A2:2019
  • 4-Rail Certification for ROLLING STOCK PROTOCOL ASSESSMENT Report No. 4RS-SF-190619-R676076

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